[LotOW] Cowboys & Aliens

I’ve just finished watching Cowboys & Aliens, which I actually really enjoyed. There was some slightly dodgy dialogue at the start, but the actors all did a fine job, and the story was really good – without going into too much detail in case I spoil it for everyone, it was refreshing for the aliens to have a more down-to-earth motive than usual, and the story resolved itself nicely. I want to read the comic now :)

Cowboys_&_AliensOn that note, this seems like a good time to talk about Legends of the Old West again. I got a game in last Friday, which went spectacularly in my favour – I felt bad for my opponent (sorry again Al!). I did take my Marshal, and his sawn-off shotgun proved to be an absolute beast of a weapon, wiping out at least four men in one shot! Inspired by his performance, I’ve finished painting my Marshal now – the model is a lovely sculpt from Black Scorpion Miniatures, and it was a joy to paint. I’m particularly enamoured by his shotgun – it’s very reminiscent of a certain primary weapon for the Scout, my favourite Team Fortress 2 class, and so I’ve taken to referring it to as a scattergun :) I am thinking of picking up a duplicate, as it looks like it’d be (relatively) easy to convert and mount on a horse. I need to put in another order with Black Scorpion Miniatures anyway, so I might give that a go!

IMGP1008IMGP1006I’m still not really happy with my photography – I can’t make my mind up between using a rudimentary light box or not. If you’ve got a preference, or even better any tips as to how I can get a bit better, please leave a comment :)

I think that’s all for now – other than that Cowboys & Aliens has inspired me to try to persuade my local Legends players to try something similar. I do have a lot of zombies that might work…

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4 thoughts on “[LotOW] Cowboys & Aliens

  1. Yes you did put the slap down on those filthy Mexican interlopers for real. I explained to Al, loosing his gang in such tragic circumstances, was just like when he was little & I threw his puppy out of the car window reversing over it a couple of times, & what happened then, we got another one, yeyy! So he’s OK now: )
    Liking your ideas for “boltons” for LOTOW & would welcome discussion about incursions into 1. Alien & 2. Zombie encounters for the future. Really feel that as a Warhammer based set of rules we, as a group, could be doing a lot more with them & this is the sort of thing/along the lines of what I had in mind
    Compared to my pics of figs your David Bailey, I can get a really good idea about the mini & the paint job from them. Also seeing the mini in the flesh, the pics really do convey a lot. Looking forward to seeing your conversion/s of that Marshal fig (although I shall be watching out for him in the field/trying not to get to close/in sawn off shotgun range) & what you decide to do with.

    Take it easy.

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