[LotOW] New recruits

My Providence Lawkeepers are once again venturing forth from their jurisdiction tonight – a friend is making a board for me, so hopefully they’ll be able to fight on their home ground at some point! – with considerably more firepower than last week.

First off, another upstanding citizen has come to join the posse. Bill Waters was one of America’s pioneer cowboys in his youth, forging a trail across the West . Now retired, he runs a cattle ranch and local shop – but isn’t afraid to dust off his six-shooter when his town’s in danger!

IMGP0993Secondly, one of my men rolled up ‘The Kid’s Got Talent’ after our last game, and one promotion later Marshal Coburn has joined my posse! I’m looking forward to using him tonight, which no doubt means he’ll get gunned down on turn two ;) I haven’t finished painting the model yet, but here’s a work-in-progress shot.

IMGP0995Take care,



One thought on “[LotOW] New recruits

  1. Great minds & all that Ben. A started, but unfinished Marshals Office is on my work bench! Morning Wood has needed a town Marshal for quite some time. I am very pleased about this those damn desperadoes & those filthy Mexican interlopers have been allowed to get away with using the town disgracefully, with their wild lawless ways for far to long!

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