Tactica Tuesday: The Monolith

Having finally painted my model, I thought it’s only fitting that this week’s Tactica Tuesday focuses on this iconic Necron unit.

IMGP0983The Monolith is a model that seems to inspire dread and, while it’s certainly not as nigh-invincible as it used to be, it’s still a very strong centrepiece for a Necron army. Its armour value of 14, plus the Living Metal special rule mean that you can put it on the front lines without too much worry, which to be honest is where it excels. I’ve tried holding mine back before, but personally found it seems to be far more effective when placed near the front. It can get closer to offset the short range of its weapons, the gate is more helpful, and it presents more of a target and draws fire away from other units such as Destroyers.

On that note, the Monolith’s weapons are as devastating as ever. The Particle Whip in particular remains my favourite, offering a strength 8 pie plate that’s as suitable for flattening Space Marines as it is for blowing holes in swarms of Tyranids. Despite its high strength and AP, it does suffer from the usual Necron weakness of a relatively short range, bringing me back to my preference of having the ‘lith on the front lines. This helps to offset this somewhat, and on a regular 6 x 4 board means that the Monolith will usually be able to target something at least. The Gauss Flux Arcs never really seem to come in to play for me due to the Ordanance rules, and to be perfectly honest the Particle Whip is better in pretty much every situation!

Another feature of the Monolith that I couldn’t leave out of this post has to be the Eternity Gate. The fact that it (as a Dimensional Corridor) can be used in tandem with the Particle Whip is the real kicker for me, allowing you to put down a pie plate and use the Gate in the same turn. It’s a brilliant alternative to transports such as the Ghost Ark, and I’ve found it equally useful for pulling over-extended units back as it is for moving units forward. I’ve actually taken to keeping a ten-man Warrior squad a little behind my lines, ready to be pulled forward if need be or hold any objectives that the rest of the army rolls over. The option to use the Gate as a Portal of Exile is a nice one, but I can’t say it’s one I ever really use – having to give up the Particle Whip for a turn is a bit of a price to pay unless your opponent has some particularly low-strength characters standing in front of it!

One last point about the Monolith is its ability to Deep Strike into the battlefield. I can’t really talk about this much as it’s not something I ever use – the odds of the Monolith turning up in the wrong part of the table or, even worse, being destroyed due to the mishap table makes it too risky in the 1500pt games I usually play. It’s certainly a good option, and if the table / terrain permits I have had my Monolith Deep Strike behind enemy lines before, where the threat of such a prominent tank plus the squads of Necrons disembarking through the gate can really stall an opponent’s push as some units turn back to try and deal with this new threat. Personally, I do like using the Deep Strike option if I can – it’s just not my ‘usual’ way of deploying the Monolith.

Please leave your comments, as always I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Monolith – do you run one in your Necron army, or how do you deal with it of your opponent plonks one down on the table? Finally, just before I go, yes I did promise a review of Breaking Bad’s season finale. I did watch it and it is coming – I’d just like to do this properly as opposed to the sleep-deprived ramble that was my Walking Dead review :)

Take care,



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