[40K] Necron Monolith

I’m happy to say that finally, four years after I bought it, I’ve finally painted my Necron Monolith!


The finished Monolith.


Detail of the portal and door.


Detail of the crystal.


The side of the Monolith, with the repainted rods.

It’s not ‘finished’ per se, since with this sort of centrepiece model I tend to keep going back to it to make minor alterations, but it’s certainly finished for now. I’m happy with how the metal turned out – in real life the blue wash chrome effect looks a bit better (blame my amateur photography). It fits in with the rest of the army, while the gold detailing was deliberately added since I haven’t used gold much on my rank-and-file.

I actually purchased the model second-hand, which is why it’s missing the ‘canopy’ (I guess you could call it?) that covers the crystal. The crystal itself is actually new as well, since that was missing. It was sourced from a friend who makes jewellery, and fits pretty neatly into the top of the Monolith.

All in all, I’m happy with how it looks and it’s another model ticked off the ‘Necrons to paint’ list. It’s not the centrepiece of the army – that’ll have to be the C’Tan when I decide how I’m painting it – but it looks good along with the rest of them and certainly stands out. So now I’ve painted one Necron tank, I guess I’d better get on with assembling that Ghost Ark I bought for a campaign months ago…

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