Tactica Tuesday: The weapons of a king – Necron Lords and equipment

Despite mentioning my Necron army before and some of the battles it’s been in, I realise I’ve never really talked much about my Lord. There is a post in the works for when I (finally) finish painting him, but for now I thought it would be interesting to discuss what I usually equip him with, and why.

Necron Lord

Necron Lord. Picture (C) Games Workshop.

First off, the Phase Shifter and Sempiternal Weave are must-haves for me. Given the Lord’s comparatively low WS when compared to other commanders, it’s not hard for them to hit him, and there’s only so much his toughness can do. Inevitably, I’ve found that my Lord needs to take a lot of saves, so combining these two items gives him an almost unparalleled resilience at a pretty cheap cost. Especially given the Kill the Warlord victory condition nowadays, I’ve found this to be a good investment and helps the Lord tank damage on an almost ridiculous scale. To be honest, I’ll often put him at the front of a unit of Warriors, just so he can take the hits rather than them.

Call me a traditionalist, but I do love the Resurrection Orb. I remember when this was one of about five pieces of wargear the Lord had available to him (way, way back) and it’s still a great option today. The ability to increase the likelihood of your downed Necrons re-animating is great, and I like to pair the Lord with a large squad of Warriors – not only does this give him a formidable bodyguard, but it makes for a very resilient unit.

Finally, any good commander in the 40k universe needs decent weapons to back them up, and the Necrons are no exception. I personally prefer the Warscythe over the Staff of Light or Hyperphase sword – mainly because it ties in so well with the next piece of wargear I like to take: Mindshakle Scarabs. These little things are so brutal they’re practically obscene, and I do sometimes feel bad using them. However, it’s undeniable that this combination makes for a very resilient Lord who excels in challenges – on the unlikely chance that the Scarabs don’t take control of his opponent, he’s still a high-strength model who ignores armour saves while having a particularly good save of his own. I’ll happily throw him into combat with any challenger, and he’s taken down a variety of models from Marines to an Eldar Avatar(!).

I’ll put up a post about my actual Lord model as soon as I finish painting the last few details. On another Necron-related note, I’ve been knuckling down on my Monolith which is nearly finished as well, so that should be going up here later this week, all things being well.

Thank you for reading – sorry for the short post, I’ve been sleeping badly recently and feel a bit sleep-deprived now. I hope you’re all well, though, and hope to see you next time!

Take care,



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