[LotOW] Gettin’ the hell back into Dodge!

A couple of weeks ago my Providence Lawmen took to the field again, with far greater success than their last attempt. I played two games against Al’s Mexican bandits, winning the first and bottling from the second. The first game involved my posse defeding the jail as the Mexicans stormed it in an attempt to rescue one of their own, while the second was a classic Western shootout!

Both games were great fun, and by the end of the night everyone had gained various experience points. I managed to scrape together enough dollars to get horses for both my Deputies, and still have a few spare to spend. Most notably, my rifle-toting vigilante had bitten the dust – no big loss as he had proven rather inaccurate – and one of my henchmen rolled ‘Kid’s Got Talent!’, and so Marshal Coburn has joined the posse!

So what did I learn about Legends this session? Fanning sixguns is amazing, horses are even more amazing and repeating rilfes easily outclass their non-repeating counterparts. I still haven’t had much time for painting, but will try to get both mounted Deputies and the newly-appointed Marshal painted before the next game.

Have a good weekend all, and take care,



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