The painter’s progress – Eldar Transports and my workstation

I really haven’t been uploading much by the way of painting posts recently. I’m afraid that it’s been a combination of not having much time, and that pitfall we all encounter – trying too many projects at once. As it stands right now, my workstation includes a large number of Black Scorpion cowboys, some old Arbites, three Witchling Stalkers and a Mad Hatter to paint, as well as an Inquisitor I’m converting.

I have however finished some more Eldar models for my Battlefleet Gothic fleet, namely three of the lovely Forge World transport models. I absolutely love these models, and am looking forwarrd to using them in themed scenarios at some point in the near future – Eldar civilians and refugees fleeing a doomed Maiden World, or supplies being carried that last stretch to the front line in real space as opposed to the webway. I painted them in the same manner as the rest of my fleet.

DSCF0968And just to give you an idea, here’s my workstation:

DSCF0969Thank you for reading, and take care,



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