[LotOW] Dust Bowl Dance – the Providence Lawkeeper’s first encounter

So my Providence Lawkeepers took to the field last Friday, leaving their home town of Providence for the brutal frontier of Mourning Wood. Sadly, it turns out that they were outmatched not only by the local bandits, but also by a posse of Texas Rangers who decided that they didn’t like these newcomers breaking jurisdiction and coming into their town! Thoroughly beaten back, my sheriff and his men have retreated back to Providence to re-arm and asses, sadly with very few experience points to show for their troubles! On the bright side, no-one rolled ‘Dead’ on the after-game chart, and I managed to earn enough dollars to buy a horse for one of my deputies. Next up on the painting schedule…

DSCF0946Despite this first outing, my Lawkeepers aren’t going to back down or take this kind of treatment, and they’ve already got their eyes on heading back to clash with a local gang of outlaws. I’ll update with more news as soon as they return to the lawless west!

Take care,



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