Tactica Tuesday: Mobile artillery – the Eldar Void Spinner in Epic

Ever since I first saw and read about it, I’ve loved the Eldar Void Spinner. The concept of this ‘abomination’ really appeals to me – the idea that while using the reanimated souls of long-dead Eldar is bad enough, the use of the Void Spinner is so horrific that most Craftworlds won’t even consider it. Each shell it fires is made from wraithbone parasites, which strip all life from the target – armour, flesh and even bone. To other Eldar these parasites are meant to create life, not take it, and this makes the Void Spinner a dark and barely-known weapon.


To reflect this horrific and abhorrent nature, I deliberately painted my Void Spinner in a very dark purple, so that while it fits with the colour scheme it stands out as being in far darker shades than the other purples I use. I finished it with two white lines reminiscent of warning markers.

In-game, it fulfils a very interesting niche in the Eldar army – that of heavy artillery. Despite the rather horrific description of its weapons, I’ve found that it is often more useful at disrupting and slowing down the enemy rather than blitzing formations outright, though I do tend to use it as a single unit rather than taking a larger formation. This keeps the cost down and the maneuverability up – something which I consider very important in an Eldar list. It’s rare for me to take more than one of any super-heavy, expect pairing up two Cobras in larger games (but that’s a story for another post).

With regards to the basic profile, the Void Spinner looks very similar to the other super-heavy tanks, with a (relatively) slow movement of 25cm, reinforced 5+ armour and the ubiquitous Skimmer special rule. This ensures that – while it’s not exactly durable – it at least won’t fold like wet tissue paper (it’ll just fold like dry tissue paper instead :P ). Of course, the main weapon is where the Void Spinner excels – offering an impressively ranged 60cm 3BP with Disrupt and Indirect Fire. This makes the Void Spinner a deadly artillery piece – able to redeploy faster than other artillery, while having an effective threat range of 120cm.

Personally, I tend to take one by itself rather than squadroning them. This is in part due to the usual game size of 3000pts, but also due to the role it fulfils for me. Keeping the formation as one model ensures that it can move freely, and forces my opponent to often dedicate more points than it costs to take it out. Putting two together comes to a mighty 500pts – enough for an Aspect Warrior formation in Wave Serpents, or a formation of Phoenix Bombers with points to spare – and, to my eyes, makes them too much of a priority target (not helped by their weak armour). Keeping the formation as one model allows it to still put out a reasonable amount of fire – there’s no denying that having two models putting out 6BP is effective, but just not cost-efficient considering the average sized game I play.

One thing that is very important is the Disrupt ability, which allows the Void Spinner to lay down blast markers in excess of its offensive capabilities. This works especially well with lightly armoured or unarmoured formations, such as Space Marine Scouts, Imperial Guard and Orks. By stacking blast markers on a formation, not only does this hamper their literal combat effectiveness by suppressing stands, but it also cuts their odds of rallying, activating and generally doing anything. Often I’ll use my Void Spinner to target a formation that hasn’t activated, trying to land enough hits to stop them from being able to properly activate this turn. A canny opponent will spread their stands out to minimise the number you can target, so you’ll often need some careful template placement! Even so, just hitting a few stands can be enough to lay enough blast markers that your opponent won’t be able to remove them all by regrouping, potentially even hampering the formation into the next turn.

You know what’s coming, but I’m going to say it anyway – I’d love to hear your own thoughts on the Void Spinner, or just on artillery in general in Epic. Please feel free to leave a comment below! :)

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