Tactica Tuesday: On the wings of Asuryan – Eldar Nightwings in Epic

I haven’t played Epic: Armageddon much recently, and to be honest I’m really missing it. I find myself thinking about it almost constantly, unconsciously muttering ‘macro weapons, macro weapons!’ under my breath and sleep-painting my titans. I think I might even be suffering from…

Epic_FeverApparently the best way to treat it is to write it out, so here we go – it’s another Tactica Tuesday on Epic Armageddon! This time I’m reverting to the army that I started with – the Eldar Swordwind list – and the unit that makes them the kings of the skies, the Eldar Nightwing.

IMGP0728Nightwings are a very popular choice in thw Swordwind list, and it’s not hard to see why. The humble Nightwing brings in a range of weaponary to deal with various foes, boasting both AP and AT weaponry – both of which work equally well against enemy aircraft, of course. While they won’t be destroying formations by themselves, this variety ensures that they can pin-point enemy transports with their Bright Lances, as well as threatening any infantry caught outside rather than being a one-trick pony like many other Eldar units. The Bright Lances even come with the Lance special rule, meaning that even heavily-armoured foes have to be wary of the Nightwing. All of this comes bundled up in the best armour the Eldar have (short of Holofields), boasting a very impressive 4+ armour save as default, making the Nightwing a comparatively resilient asset in an Eldar force.

However, this does all come for a mighty 300pts a formation. Not only is that pricier than a Super-Heavy such as a Cobra, but it’s also a lot pricier than most other aircraft. To take a comparison, the EpicUK Thousand Sons list I use lets you take three Doomwing fighters for 150pts. Sure, they’re not as good, but this does lead to the ‘stalemate’ you can end up in with aircraft. If the Thousand Sons player elects not to activate their Doomwings early on, this leaves the Eldar player in a quandry – does s/he bring in the Nightwings to do some damage to ground units, or put them on combat air patrol to protect their own units against any ground attack the Doomwings may make? In this way, it can be all too easy to waste your Nightwings on CAP for an attack that never comes – using 150pts to effectively shut down 300pts is a pretty good trade-off for the Thousand Sons player in the above example. On a similar note, since they’re so expensive your opponent will almost inevitably have more fliers than you, so you’ll need to really prioritize what the Nightwings are doing each turn to get the most out of them.

Personally, I tend to use my Nightwings as almost my card-up-the-sleeve – not an ace per se, but something I can use to deal with whatever needs dealing with. If there’s a fleeing formation, for example, or one that I want to lay blast markers on, I’ll bring them in to attack. On the other hand, if I know I can expect a Thunderhawk dropping in, I’ll keep them on CAP ready to intercept. They also work well as guards – if placed around or near an important unit such as a titan, for example, they can help defend against any incoming enemy aircraft.

Overall, I really like Nightwings as – in my lists, anyway – an almost essential part of any force. They may be expensive, but you get what you pay for – a powerful unit and, perhaps more importantly, a versatile one. And versatility – well, that’s something you don’t see much of in the Eldar list.

As always, thank you for reading – I hope this has been an interesting little insight into my own thoughts and tactics. If you’ve got any comments please do leave them below, I’d love to hear from you :) Hope to see you next time!

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2 thoughts on “Tactica Tuesday: On the wings of Asuryan – Eldar Nightwings in Epic

  1. Another good thing to remember with Nightwings is that their 4+ armour save is the same as the jink save – so you can risk enemy AA without giving up your chance to fire.

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