Apologies, and some more Legends – The ‘D’ is silent…

I’m really sorry that there isn’t a Tactica Tuesday this week – I’ve just been so busy that I honestly haven’t had time to write one. This series does mean a lot to me, as I know a fair number of people read my ramblings now and, to be honest, I really enjoy writing posts for this blog. So missing a week is something that really means a lot to me, and I’m sorry – I promise that I’ll be back next Tuesday, and I’ll make it a good one :) Thank you for your patience!

As a plus, though, I didn’t want to just leave this post as an apology – so I thought I’d introduce two more of my characters for Legends of the Old West. You know what, some of you might even recognize these two…

IMGP0632Now I don’t know much ’bout these two. They jus’ turned up in town one day, carryin’ a warrant an’a body. Folks say they’re bounty hunters, but they’re an odd pair an’ no mistake. Still, they seem like straight folk and damn good with a gun, so you ain’t hear me complainin’ when the shootin’ starts.

IMGP0685‘I count two guns’

Yes, it’s Dr King Schultz and Django from the latest Quentin Tarantino movie, Django Unchained. That movie was the one that really fired me up to start collecting Legends, and is definitely one of my favourite Tarantino movies. I used the two most appropriate models from Black Scorpion miniatures, painting Schultz in his characteristic grey suit. For Djangio, I went for more of a mix of costumes – painting his coat in a weathered brown a lá the one he takes from the Bridle brothers, while his under clothes were painted in the fancy duds he wears at the end of the movie. I might try and re-do the burgundy as it could be a bit better, but for the most part I’m happy with how he looks.

IMGP0636Thanks again for your understanding, and I’ll definitely have a Tactica Tuesday next week :)

Take care everyone,



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