[LotOW] The Law

After unintentionally teasing you all for the last week with promises of this post, here’s my finished Legends of the Old West Lawmen posse, all ready to bring justice to the frontier!

IMGP0631The whole posse. From left to right: upstanding citizen Adam Romney, vigilante Dermot Briggs, Deputy Mark Reynolds, Sheriff James Conagher, Deputy Alistair McOwen, and vigilante William Harson.

IMGP0617And, as you haven’t seen him before, here’s Dermot Briggs in more detail:

IMGP0688Dermot Briggs was a soldier in the Civil War, becoming something of a marksman with a rifle. Like many soldiers, he found no place in the ‘new world’ after the war, running through a string of jobs before settling in the local area as a bounty hunter. He’s happy to lend his rifle to answer the Sheriff’s call – who knows, some of those bandits may even have bounties on their heads!

I’ve also finished painting the Sheriff’s office for the posse – I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, given my usual inability to paint any writing legibly. I did the front in white as you often see old West buildings with a contrasting colour, and white worked well with the lawful theme of the building.

IMGP0608IMGP0614I painted the window in metal to represent the bars of the holding cells :)

Thanks as always for reading – it won’t be long now until the posse’s first game, so I’ll be writing about that. In the meantime, I’ve still got some Old West models to show you, as well as finally working up the courage to start on Sonnia Criid’s avatar…

Take care,



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