Tactica Tuesday: Mad Milk and mad happenings in Team Fortress 2

In light of Valve preparing to shake up weapon stats, I thought I’d do a little Tactica Tuesday on my all-time favourite Scout secondary for Team Fortress 2 – the Mad Milk. I’ll also be talking about the blog post, and what we might see in the coming weeks.

mad-milkI’ve always loved the Mad Milk ever since I first found it, and always consider it a very versatile weapon. The ‘primary’ role of the milk is its health-regenerative abilities, allowing you to take on tougher targets knowing that each shot will heal you. The great thing is that this doesn’t just apply to you – I’ll often hurl my bottle over an enemy Heavy being targeted by my own team, which can really help to swing the battle. People often seem to turn and run when ‘milked’ as well in my experience, which is only a good thing!

The Mad Milk also fulfils a number of other uses. For starters it’s a great Spy checking option, since it acts like Jarate and leaves a trail of dripping white drops on the cloaked Spy. Just like Jarate, the Mad Milk can also extinguish yourself and other players, making it a fantastic way to deal with Pyros when you don’t have the Candy Cane equipped.  Overall, while you do lose the offensive power of the pistol, I personally think the Mad Milk is an excellent secondary – allowing you to heal and extinguish both yourself and your team. It’s more of a utility, team-based item, and at the end of the day this is Team Fortress – I’m always happy to feel like I’m credit to team :P

So, after that little exploration into what may be (heck, practically is :D ) my favourite weapon in TF2, I thought I’d mention Valve’s latest blog post a bit. This is very interesting – far better in my opinion than simply adding new weapons to the game, and I’m very interested to see what weapons are changed and how. They’ve already mentioned that the Battalion’s Backup will now charge on damage done, and that the Dead Ringer will not let you cloak for as long as before, but it certainly seems that they’ll be chaning a lot more. I’ll be intrigued to see if my beloved Gunslinger is changed – this is a can of worms with most TF2 players that I’m not going to go into here(!), but I’ve always thought that it is, for the most part, balanced. Still, something to help cut down spamability would be pretty cool, especially on King of the Hill maps.

Finally, at the end of the post Valve mentioned changes to item sets, and this is something I want to touch upon. I’m one of those Scouts who loves the Special Delivery set, so I’m very intrigued and nervous to see what they’re going to do. I suspect that the most likely thing is that the +25 health bonus will be moved to the Mad Milk or the Shortstop – most likely the Milk to prevent combing the Shortstop with Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol (165hp Scouts….), but as this post has already mentioned I think that the Mad Milk is easily good enough already. I won’t complain if the bonus is moved to the milk – while I’ve always liked the idea of set bonuses and the way they work, the possibility of my personal go-to day-to-day loadout being a 150hp Scout with a Scattergun is attractive! Valve did put in that they’ll be adding new bonuses to the sets that won’t affect gameplay balance, so we may be getting some new cosmetic abilities for the full set?

Anyway, this is all just wild speculation and I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I hope that this has been an interesting little read, and please comment – I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new changes Valve have announced today :)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and enjoy my Special Delivery set bonus while I still can!

Take care,



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