[LotOW] Deputies

Texas, eh, boy? You been south o’ the border before? Let me tell you now, son, it’s the true wild west down there. Bandits, robbers and outlaws, and that ain’t even the worst of it. You best be quick on the draw and keep a sharp eye, elsewise you ain’t gonna make it through yer first night. There’s some beacons o’ hope, though, and I’d strongly advise you take yourself there. Try Blackwater Creek ā€“ I hear tell the sheriff’s made hisself a bit of a local legend down there, and right popular with them townsfolk and all for the good work he’s doing. Them lawmen like him always need new men to deputise when trouble starts, so I reckon you’d fit right in.

* * *

IMGP0592My second deputy, Mark Reynolds. Reynolds joined the law at a young age, inspired by his uncle – a sheriff up state – and his Godfather, none other than the legendary Pat Garrett. Smartly-dressed and well armed, Mark Reynolds has proven time and time again to be a competent and efficient lawman, and a close friend to Sheriff Conagher.

IMGP0586IMGP0590He’s taken me a while to paint, but I’ve (finally) finished my mounted deputy. I’m a little ashamed to say that I don’t have a backstory for him yet ā€“ he was originally bought to be a deputy, but you can only take two in the Legends of the Old West list, and I’ve got models for both of them already. He may be a replacement for when either of them decide to mount up, or I saw you can hire a Marshal ā€“ so you never know, he may be getting a promotion!

I’m working on my last few upstanding civilians and vigilantes, as well as the heroic lawmen I mentioned in my last post. I’ve been really enjoying working on them – to be honest, I’ve already placed another order with Black Scorpion Miniatures because they’re such fun to paint!

Thanks as always for reading!

Take care,



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