Music and painting

Just a quick thought rather than a full post, really. I’ve spent pretty much the entire morning so far painting my lawmen posse for Legends of the Old West while listening to the Django Unchained soundtrack and classic Western film soundtracks, and my thought is this. Is it just me, or does painting feel ten times more epic when you’ve got the right music playing? I’m sure it’s the same when I paint Uruk-Hai with the Lord of the Rings soundtrack on – it just feels more awesome somehow :D So yeah, just throwing it out there as I’m intrigued as to if it’s just me or if other people find painting so much more enjoyable with ‘themed’ music playing.

Leave a comment with your thoughts, I’d love to hear them! :)



One thought on “Music and painting

  1. Hi Ben,
    Always what mood & or where my head is at the time usually influences what I listen to. However, adding miniatures to the mix, expands the equation somewhat. Got to confess I do listen to a lot of wireless ( Radio 4, Radio Vannin & Planet Rock, Real XS to restore some balance to the force) when I am painting.
    Chaos stuff is what Chaos does, so it’s usually anything between Black Sabbath & Motorhead (love Sabbaths Greatest hits when painting Death Guard). I did, all be it some years ago, paint a load of wood elves mainly using Hawkwind & T-Rex & a lot of coffee. Old West stuff (yea it is Enio Moroconi etal & some old “spag”, western scores) but can add owt from some Southern Rock across to U.S. folk like Arlo Guthrie or even Sea Sick Steve.
    When its cutting & re positioning heads, limbs & weapons its usually Manx folk, Christian/Guard or Mactullagh, Classical Greig, German school composers to a little opera Wargner & of late a little Puccini (although taking steps to prevent embourgeoisement taking place) .
    Also painting different colours has an effect. For example if painting in reds/oranges & yellows I tend to drift more into Hendrix- Deep Purple. Earthier colours tend to opt for Late 60’s -70’s classics. Darker colours (like your storm troopers) defiantly metal/hard rock.
    Its all horses for courses, in short whatever it takes to make the moment you the figure the music; nothing else matters whatever else is going on woes, hassles, dramas, work all gone & your totally in the zone. It’s you, the music & the painting light, for all its worth anyway, taking time to slow down on the journey & smell some of the roses along the way, makes my day.

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