[Necromunda] C.O.B.R.A – Covert ops in the underhive

The Sturium campaign was a particularly brutal period for the Imperium. Fully half the worlds of the sector had renounced their Imperial allegiance, the planetary governors throwing off their loyalties and embracing the Chaos Gods. Company after company of Imeprial Guardsmen were sent in to the sector, dropping into the planets and Hive Cities in an attempt to wrestle back control. It would be reported in the annuals of history as a glorious campaign, where the Warmaster’s decisive approach and inspired tactics led to worlds being reclaimed with minimum losses, the Chaos-worshipping ex-governors deposed and the worlds stabliised. The reality, however, was far darker as Imperial Guardsmen died in droves to the planetary defence systems, while those who survived the planetfall had to face the corrupted PDF and Guardsmen on the surface.

Sergeant Malcolm Kane and his squad of veteran Stormtroopers were deployed on the planet of Rymlor IX, and quickly found themselves cut off and isolated. Working behind enemy lines, Kane and his men cut a path of confusion through the Chaos forces and made their way back to the Imperial lines – but not before witnessing some of the worst sights of the war. When the squad returned to the Imperial base, they were disillusioned with the lack of support from high command and the meat-grinder they were inevitably thrown back into. Upon the order to return to the battle, Kane led his squad in revolt, stealing an Aquila Lander and deserting the Imperial Guard.

Today Kane and his men run as mercenaries for hire, selling their considerable talents to the highest bidder. Now self-styled ‘C.O.B.R.A.’ – or Combat Operations, Ballistics & Recon Agency – the ex-stormtroopers have no qualms as to who hires them, but the squad honour and battle-bond remains despite their mercenary status. No man is left behind, and Kane inevitably values the safety of his men above the needs of their employer. Despite this, they have become known for getting the job done; acting as unofficial black ops across numerous worlds. Most recently they have been hired on a permenant basis by one of the noble houses of Necromunda, tasked with the ‘grey areas’ the House cannot be seen to be associated with.

* * *

In preparation for my Necromunda gang (hopefully!) expanding, I’ve finished painting up some more Stormtroopers for my military black-ops mercs. I’m afraid that the photos were taken in a bit of a rush, so I may re-do them at some point :)

IMGP0559I’ve also been working on some more special weapons – a flamer, meltagun and another heavy stubber. One of my men actually gained the specialist skill last game, so the only choice now is what to arm him with.

IMGP0572Take care,



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