[Necromunda] Trouble in the Underhive

Coulter’s radio crackled in his ear. ‘Two targets, one-twenty ahead. Winters is in place on the left, you take the right.’

The whole world lit up in green as he toggled his night-vision, the gloomy darkness of the Underhive revealed in monochromatic tones. Coulter moved forward slowly, lasgun held tight to his chest as data flashed up on his HUD. He glanced through it as he moved, clearing it away from his vision as two figures loomed up ahead. One was lounging against a wall smoking, a heavy-set man with gang tats and muscles that were clearly steroid-induced. His companion was slimmer, younger, and seemed to be in the middle of talking from his agitated manner and over-the-top hand gestures. Both of them had weapons to hand, but neither looked like they’d present much of a problem. He spoke softly into his comm, ‘Coulter in position. Ready to go on your signal sir.’

‘Now’. As soon as the single word came over the comm, the heavy-set man disappeared as Winters dragged him back, a combat knife already burried in his throat. The skinny man started, drawing a heavy pistol, but before he could find a target Coulter had raised his weapon and put a shot in the man. Suprisingly he stayed standing, his wild eyes finding Coulter. He moved towards him, but Coulter’s second shot went through the man’s left eye, dropping him to the floor. Sgt Kane’s voice came over the radio again.

‘Good work. Let’s dispose of the bodies and move on.’

* * *

My ex-military black-ops mercenary team have seen some action in the Underhive, going up against a variety of gangs already from Goliaths to the Redemption, and even some Spyrers and a Genestealer cult. Notable highlights have included my sergeant taking down a Spyrer in close combat, my heavy stubber blitzing a charging Genestealer and three of my lasgunners spending four turns trying to put down a single enemy ganger!

They’ve been great fun to play, and have done pretty well for themselves – two gang members have the Medic skill now, so I think that offsets some of my appalling rolling! I’ve managed to pick up two power swords(!) through the rare trade as well, so my leader’s carrying one while the second’s on a ganger who managed to roll nothing but the +1 attack advance. Three attacks and a power sword – I need to get a new sword-wielding model painted up for him, so watch this space… The only new addition to the gang has been a Ratskin Scout, who I’ll also put up here when he’s painted.


The squad.


Sgt Kane leading from the front.


The team moves through the Underhive.


Sgt Kane goes mano-á-mano with a Spyrer.


‘Supressive fire!’

Take care everyone,



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