Tactica Tuesday: We’ll be back… Necrons in 40K and the aftermath of the campaign

I know Tactica Tuesday is usually me discussing a unit I’m very familiar with, but since last Wednesday was the final day of the local 40K campaign I’ve been playing in, I thought that it’d be good to sum up how the last few weeks have gone and my thoughts on the latest Necron codex (years after its release…). The campaign went fairly well – I ended up coming middle-to-bottom of the pack, but it was good fun to play in. I can’t remember if I mentioned it here, but I hadn’t played Necrons with the new codex before this campaign, so a lot of the rules were all new to me. I’ll probably do a ‘real’ Tactica Tuesday on some of these units at some point, but for now here’s my thoughts after 8 weeks of consecutive gaming :)

The eponymous Necron warrior proved to be as valuable as ever, even with their slightly nerfed profile compared to how I remember them from the previous codex. Space Marine toughness combined with a decent save and the chance to resurrect after being killed makes for a very reliable troop choice, and I ended up taking them in fairly sizeable squads – about 2 squads of fifteen models, usually. Their weapons suffer from a comparatively short range of 24″, and unfortunately I never found the time to assemble my Ghost Ark so they had to slog it out on foot. As far as troops choices go, though, they’re a good reliable unit that makes an excellent backbone to the force.

Scarabs were actually one of my favourite units. I used to love them back in the old Chapter Approved days when they literally latched onto tanks and exploded, but the eating armour mechanic is so much more fun! It offers a really different way to deal with armoured vehicles, which I think is a great addition to the codex. I ended up running squads of at least five – partially so they could take some damage as they were targeted a lot, and partially for the cinematic image of waves of metal scarabs sweeping forward.

Another unit that I’d never really given much consideration to is the Wraith, but they really proved their worth in my games. They’re surprisingly strong, with a decent strength, the Phased Attacks special rule and the jump infantry charge bonus all coming together to make a pretty good offensive punch. They’re also ideal for tanking damage on their invulnerable save, although they do die pretty quickly once you start failing it! However, at only 35pts a model I found them to be a great and affordable choice, whether it was charging into light vehicles or just holding up an Avatar for most of the game. I ended up running either a unit of three, or two units of two just so that there were a few wounds in the squad.

Finally, I couldn’t write this without mentioning Destroyers. Destroyers were a staple of my army back in the old days, and I find that I still like them now. Their role has changed to be more of a power-armour hunter rather than the more well-rounded Destroyers I knew, but this is by no means a bad thing as we now have a mobile unit that can easily cut through 3+ armour. To be honest, not much has changed for me with these guys – I still take two units of three to go down each flank, and sometimes threw in a Destroyer Lord as well to increase their Reanimation Protocols roll. One of my other Necron-playing friends swears by putting his Destroyer Lord in with his Wraiths, but unfortunately I never really got the chance to try this combo out. I’ll have to give it a go and do a post sometime!

Thank you as always for reading, and I hope to see you next time.

Take care,



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