[LotOW] Frontier Justice

So, after talking to some friends and watching Django Unchained for the umpteenth time, my interest in the old west has been rekindled to the point where I’m really rather keen to try out Games Workshop’s (now out of production) Legends of the Old West. At the moment I haven’t seen much of the game itself beyond the reviews and reference sheets I’ve read online, but it sounds fun. Essentially, it’s a small skirmish game set in the late 1800’s in the old west, using similar mechanics to the old Lord of the Rings skirmish game (just with cowboys). I, of course, have decided to go for the law, and have amassed a small posse of lawmen and deputies assembled from the beautiful range by Black Scorpion Miniatures. Of course, they’ll all have a proper backstory and everything eventually, but for now I just wanted to put the models up here for you to see. As with most of my photos and scenery collection, terrain is courtesy of Scene It All Terrain and Scenery :)

IMGP0478Sheriff James Conagher, the leader of my posse (it’s weird saying that instead of ‘crew’). A level-headed detective, he has years of experience at enforcing the law, and a keen eye for details. However, he finds it hard to let things go – going so far as to break jurisdiction and track bandits across State borders after they killed a deputy of his. This has inspired loyalty in the lawmen under his command, but earned him something of a reputation with neighbouring counties.

IMGP0482Deputy Alistair McOwen. Quiet and contemplative, he rarely speaks unless he has something pertinent to say – a trait that has proved invaluable when facing captured convicts. In the heat of battle, however, he’s no slouch; often found right at the front with his double-barrelled shotgun.

IMGP0494Upstanding civilian and local doctor Frank West, one of Conagher’s deputised townsfolk. West stands out for his immaculate dress sense and sharp eye, and is never seen without his trusted rifle when the bullets start flying.

IMGP0498Adam Romney is the youngest member of the posse, only recently recruited as an upstanding civilian. What he may lack in experience, however, he makes up for in his enthusiastic desire to see justice brought to the frontier.

IMGP0490William Harson is an old hand at this kind of work, having worked all over the west. He started life as a bounty hunter, tracking down wanted felons before settling down and deciding to leave that life behind. While he may not wear a badge, his experience as a bounty hunter and strong moral code make him an ideal gunslinger when the town’s in trouble.

IMGP0505Another upstanding civilian to answer the call to arms, Garfield Lyons has left his bar behind to join the Sherriff and defend their town. He’s used to breaking up bar-room brawls in the tavern he owns, and is keen to see the town kept safe.

IMGP0510I’ve got some more models on order to fill out the gang, including Conagher’s other Deputy and the renowned lawmen Pat Garret, the Earps and ‘Doc’ Holliday! I’m hoping to get my first game in around a month, so will be sure to get pictures when I do.

Many thanks pardners, and y’all take care now!



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