[40K] The Tomb World awakens…

Following on from painting thirty Necron warriors, I’m clearly a glutton for punishment as I’ve gone into painting my Destroyers.

IMGP0457IMGP0461For the most part, they were done in the same colours as the warriors. I wanted to do the beetle-like carapace back of the model in a different colour that complemented rather than contrasted the blue theme, and ended up choosing Games Workshop’s Midnight Blue. To my eyes this gives them a slightly beetle-like look, reminiscent of Egyptian scarab beetles and adds another colour to the model while keeping with the blue theme. The ‘mask’ each Destroyer wears was painted in grey, again to be a bit different without actively standing out. The shoulder pads were actually a bit of a trial, since as they’re so much bigger than the regular warriors the ink didn’t apply as well. I ended up letting it dry for a couple of minutes before taking a mostly dry brush to the shoulder pad, spreading the ink around for a more even coverage before it was completely dry.

I’m actually quite surprised at the progress I’m making with this army – I suppose a lot of it is that it’s quite a quick colour scheme to paint, and even with the points reduction from the previous codex Necrons still aren’t a ‘horde’ force. I’m still working on my Lord, spending a lot more time on him to try and get a more complex look going, and will try my hand at my Immortals next.

Thanks for reading – you know the spiel, comments are always welcome :)

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