Tactica Tuesday: The art of seduction [MATURE CONTENT]


And so we return to the world of Malifaux – a world of secrets, of darkness, of…

You guessed it, zombie prostitutes. And with that, this is the first time I’ve had to put a mature content warning on a blog post :p Today I’ll be talking about my experience and tactics surprisingly not with Seamus, my favourite Malifaux character; but with his eponymous ladies, the Rotten Belle. The Rotten Belles are a pretty solid core choice for any Resurrectionist gang, but with Seamus in particular. They’re only average fighters, but despite their slender frames they still boast the durability and resilience of zombies. They can also be a bit more maneouverable than most of the undead – thanks to his ‘Belles of the Ball’ ability, any Belle who starts her activation within 8″ of Seamus gets +2 to her movement – and if you add Molly into the equation, they can move a grand total of 14″ in one turn (who needs a charge value? ;) ). They can even activate in unison using the Companion ability if their matriarch, Madame Sybelle, is around. However, their true strength lies in their ability to mess with the opposing crew through their spells.

Madame Sybelle and her girlsTheir Lure spell is a fantastic spell, since their Seductive ability brings the ca up to.eight with both the required suits – simultaneously making it very easy to cast (a four of any suit will do!) and rather difficult for many models to resist. Aside from the.obvious tactical benefit of dragging them close enough to whack them with your parasol, this is also a perfect way to drag models out of aoe, helping to negate effects and spells. Similarly, you can ruin charges, pull people off objectives, make them drop treasure… the list is endless! The ability to reposition enemy models is a very valuable one, and one that shouldn’t be underestimated. You can even use Lure to move your own crew around – I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve pulled Seamus around in this way! Finally, before I move off Lure, it’s also handy for getting your opponent to burn through control cards – since your ca of 8 will almost inevitably be higher than their wp resistance, s/he’ll quite possibly have to pull mid-to-high cards from their hand to counter even your average flips, and to prevent their valued models from wandering off under the belle’s influence.

In comparison to Lure, their other spells can be a bit overlooked – which is a shame, as they’re both still very potent. Undress helps offset the low cb of your models, and I particularly like using it in combination with Seamus. His cb of 5 on the flintlock can be a bit low when facing some of the faster denizens of Malifaux, so lowering their defence is a great option – even if just to see the look on your opponent’s face when Lilith suddenly gets hit by the Hatter’s handcannon!

Finally, Distract can be another great utility tool to slow down and hamper the opposing crew. Where Lure is good for repositioning enemy models, Distracts completely shuts them down for an action point by giving them Slow. This is often better against ranged models who might not care where they are, and is excellent against Fast models to bring them down to everyone else’s level! However, it is harder to cast than Lure, and consequently more of a risk – though the payoff is huge on groups of models, since you’ll be targeting 2 – 3 models due to the spell’s special rule.

I’m sure I’ll be doing another post on Rotten Belles at some point as there’s so much I’d like so say about them, but I think I’ll leave it at the spells for now :) As always, comments are very welcome, so feel free to chip in with what you love (or hate?) about Rotten Belles.

Thanks for reading, and take care,



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