[Necromunda] A new force in the Underhive

As much as I love my Enforcers, there comes a time when I want to do a ‘proper’ Necromunda gang and enjoy all the post-game malarkey of trading, territories and the like. Unfortunately none of the house gangs really appeal to me – a problem not helped by Specialist Games closing down and the official models skyrocketing in price on the second-hand market. So, instead I’m using the house gang rules (Van Saar specifically), but with my own theme. Rather than doped-up teenagers armed to the teeth, my gang is a squad of ex-stormtroopers who deserted the Imperial army after becoming disillusioned with the meat grinders they were thrown into. Now working as a squad of mercenaries for hire, they have been employed by one of the Noble Houses to tackle those tasks that the house can’t be publicly seen to be involved in.

IMGP0421The gang itself is actually fairly simple, as I’ve only used the old metal Stormtrooper models. I’ve always loved the models in their goggle-eyed gas masks with their body armour and hellguns, and I think that – with their general lack of imperial iconography – they work perfectly as a covert black ops team in Necromunda. The only conversion I did was to convert one to carry a heavy stubber, which was a bit of a challenge. I wanted to stick with the Stormtrooper models, but as I’m sure you’ll know if you’ve ever seen them, the models are monopose metal which makes converting rather difficult. At the suggestion of Gus off of Epic Addiction, I ended up cutting apart one of the hellguns and adding on parts from Anvil Industries to create more of a SAW-style weapon. I think it looks good, and it fits in to the look of the gang with a more military style while looking different enough to be a heavy stubber.


The converted heavy stubber (left) and a plasma gunner.

The models are painted in a dark colour scheme, with the old shadow grey Citadel paint followed by a Badab black wash used for the clothes. I kept the armour a matt black, with simple brown webbing and straps. The main contrast is in the night-vision green, which I used for goggles, lights and targeters to give the models a more ‘tech’ look – I like the idea that each guy’s got a heads-up display on his visor to keep him in touch with the rest of the squad.


Close-up of the night vision green details.

So with that my team’s ready to take to the underhive! I’ll try and get some shots and details of their future encounters with the other denizens of the Underhive, as well as shots of any new members. The challenge of converting a monopose metal model has intrigued me after those stubbers, I may have to try for some shotguns next…

Thanks as always for reading, and take care,



5 thoughts on “[Necromunda] A new force in the Underhive

  1. Thats a nice idea for a themed non standard house-gang. I like the H-stubber conversion. Good luck converting the rifle hugging guys I know how much of a pain that can be!

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