[TF2] Robotic Boogaloo

So now that the update’s been out for a while and the dust has somewhat settled, I thought I’d share my own thoughts on Team Fortress 2’s latest update, the Robotic Boogaloo update.

Medic-loadoutFirst off, it’s absolutely amazing that this is a purely community-created update, and I’m really happy to see Valve doing this. Given the community support and content being created for TF2, it’s a fantastic step that Valve has released an update that is completely community-created, and it’s great to see a percentage of sale profits going to the people responsible for the new items. I for one really hope that we see this sort of thing again – there’s so much great content out there for TF2, and in my own experience the game itself is very much a community by this point, so it’s great to see Valve recognising that as well.

A lot of people are disappointed with the actual content of the update, though, and especially the hat-to-weapon ratio. And this is where I come out and say that, actually, I rather like it all. Of course I’d like to see new weapons, but we have to remember the game has a lot of weapons as it stands, and while variety is great for us long-term players, it can be really confusing for new players trying to learn the game. Imagine what it must be like right now when you’ve only just started playing, and you encounter your first spycicle / dead ringer Spy. ‘Oh cool, I flamed that spy and killed hi- OHMYGOD HOW IS HE STILL ALIVE’ :P

Another thing I realised while watching Jerma’s video about the Robotic Boogaloo update is this – people are complaining about the lack of weapons, but what would be going on right now if Valve had released weapons instead of – or as well as – all the hats? Those same people would be complaining about how it’s all overpowered, how unbalanced this has made the game, the new Engineer wrench is OP, Valve please fix this now. And for the next month or whatever, people would be angry and disappointed as these few unbalanced weapons dominated the game while Valve put together a fix. I’m not saying that adding weapons is a bad thing, far from it! Most of the weapons added to TF2 have had to go through one kind of fix or another (original Cow Mangler anyone?), but I think the point I’m trying to make is that people would still complain.

I guess I’m just trying to say that no matter what the content of the update was, it would’ve had the same sort of reactions but – more importantly – it would’ve had the same impact and importance of being community-made. Plus, let’s be honest here – robot Archimedes is fricking awesome B)

Mecha-medesThis update is a great step forward for TF2, and I’m really excited about what this can lead to as well as all the sweet miscs we got. Let me know what you think of the Robotic Boogaloo update, and hope to see you on Steam soon.

Take care everyone,

Ben x


2 thoughts on “[TF2] Robotic Boogaloo

  1. I’m glad to see that this update was entirely community created. It’s stories like these that keep users constantly creating and keeping the tf2 universe fresh! I just wished the value of the hats didn’t plummet like a rock……oh well.

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