Tactica Tuesday: Float like a butterfly, sting like a…. Scorpion? The Eldar Scorpion super-heavy in Epic

Today I wanted to talk about the Eldar super-heavy grav tank the Scorpion, and its role in Epic Armageddon. The Scorpion was the very first super-heavy grav tank I bought, and looking back I’m not actually sure why. Possibly because my main opponent ran very mech-heavy Imperial Guard ;)

Epic Eldar ScorpionThe Scorpion is one of the four super-heavy tanks available to the Eldar in Epic: Armageddon. Heavily-armoued (by Eldar standards at least), it follows the good old Eldar creed of ‘excel in one area’ – in this case, in hurting heavily-armoured targets. The twin pulsar cannons, while less effective in the errata’d version of the rules (and possibly now over-costed, but that’s a debate for another post) are perfect for hitting titans and other super-heavy tanks, where the low number of shots is made up for by the macro effect. The pulsars also have the noteable distinction of being MW2+, making them very reliable even when doubling. This makes the Scorpion one of the most mobile tanks in the Eldar army, able to take advantage of their move-shoot-move double while retaining a very respectable / reliable firepower. The movement speed clocks in at 25cm, which while not great by Eldar standards is still faster than most targets it should be hunting. Plus, while I’m on the subject of mobility, being a skimmer it can use the ‘pop up’ rule.

Aside from their impressive firepower, the pulsars also boast a pretty impressive range of 60cm, outshining the shorter-range tanks such as Cobras and Falcons. This combination of range and firepower comes together to make the Scorpion a ‘hit and run’ tank, which works best when – like all Eldar – able to hit hard without risking much return fire. Despite being a super-heavy tank, the armour is still only 5+, albeit reinforced.  Combined with 3 damage capacity and a critical hit effect that immediately destroys the tank, the Scorpion is rather vulnerable for 250pts. Of course this is a weakness you’ll see across all of the Eldar super-heavy tanks, and as mentioned the Scorpion does do better than most (except the Void Spinner) at avoiding direct combat.

At the end of the day, the Scorpion is the same as most other Eldar units – it’s a very niche weapon, but what it does it does well. I’d argue that it’s a little less versatile than some of the other super-heavy tanks in the list – you’ll always have something for a Storm Serpent of Void Spinner to do, after all – but I’d argue that it’s still a solid choice, just not for every situation. I personally wouldn’t take more than one, and it’s not usually the first super-heavy to go in my list, but my Scorpion certainly doesn’t sit around collecting dust. It’s a very nice-looking model that, given the right circumstances, can perform well.

As always, thank you for reading and I hope to see you for the next post!

Take care,

Ben x


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