Tactica Tuesday: Intensive surgery – TF2’s Medic & the Quick-Fix

It was good fun writing about the Half-Zaitoichi, and as people seemed to enjoy it I thought I’d do this week’s Tactica Tuesday around another Team Fortress 2 weapon. It’s a bit of a divided weapon, so let’s just wade straight in to the mire with my thoughts on….

QuickFixThe Quick-Fix is more of a ‘crowd control’ medigun than the default, exceling at healing multiple targets rather than focusing your medi-beam on one person. The +40% heal rate helps when you’re switching the beam from one person to another, allowing you give everyone a decent amount of health when there’s multiple teammates in need of healing. Similarly, the uber charges 25% faster than the regular medigun, so while it may not make you invulnerable you will be popping it far more frequently. And, since you’ll move at the same speed as your patient (if they’re faster than you – thankfully you don’t get slowed down when healing a heavy!), you can use this to hitch a ride with a scout to get to the front lines quickly.

As I’ve mentioned, the Quick-Fix comes into its own when you’re surrounded by people mashing the E key, as the increased healing rate and 300% heal rate uber means it’s easier to keep multiple people alive. The uber also has the interesting effect of granting immunity to knockback effects, meaning that sentry guns won’t push weaker classes back. It’s still a risk, given that a level 3 will deal damage faster than even the 300% rate will heal it, but if you’re healing a good teammate classes such as pyro can quickly close and rinse the sentry nest.

Unfortunately, due to the effects of the uber and the lack of an overheal, some people do see the Quick Fix as a poor alternative to the regular medi-gun despite the upsides (ignoring compression blasts is great). Personally, they just fill different roles to me – there will be times when you want a ‘proper’ uber to grant invulnerability to yourself and your patient, but if you’re the only medic on your team and (like me) you like to be on the front lines healing people in the thick of the fighting, the Quick Fix can be a great way to keep your team going when everyone’s taking fire.

In terms of loadout, I personally like to pair the Quick Fix with the regular Syringe Gun. Given that – to me at least – the Quick Fix is very much a frontline medigun, I want something I can defend myself with if everything goes wrong. The Blutsauger is a bit too much of a handicap, while I’ve never been that good a shot with the Crusader’s Crossbow (much to my shame!). The Overdose can work well as you’ll be building uber – and therefore movement speed – at quite a rate, but personally I like the reliable damage of the Syringe Gun (boring, I know :P ). For the melee, I tend to stick with my favourite Ubersaw, though this really isn’t the best option as you’ll build uber fast enough that you won’t really need it, and the slower swing speed can drag you down in combat. I guess I’ve just gotten used to the slower swing speed to the point where it’s normal now :P

On a little light-hearted note, if you’re ever on a TF x 10 server, I highly recommend the Quick-Fix for sheer hilarity. The gun heals really quickly, and charges uber at a ridiculous rate to the point where (if you pop it as soon as it’s available) you’ll probably be spending more time ubered than you will charging!

And finally, I’ve recorded some gameplay of myself with the Quick-Fix which (I think) shows the highs and lows of the weapon. Sorry about the lack of a HUD – it was recorded with TF2’s built-in software, and I’m working on finding a better way to record that includes the HUD and the option for a commentary. If anyone has any tips, I’d be happy to hear them :)

Sorry it’s so late in the day – I had some sizeable problems trying to upload the video. I hope this has been an interesting read, and it’d be great if you want to leave a comment – if you play medic let me what you think of the Quick-Fix, or if you’re a ‘patient’ how you feel when you see you’re being healed by a Quick-Fix medic. In other news, I’ve been making more progress on the Necrons, so expect a post on them later this week!

Thanks for reading, and take care,



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