[40K] Necron Warriors (part 2)

I’ve managed to finish painting the core of my force – 30 Necron warriors. There’s still another 10 or so to go, but I’m happy with how they’re looking and how quick they were to paint.

Necron warriorsI think I’ve mentioned that I’m playing a campaign with some friends right now, which is kind of my motivation for working through the Necrons. It’s been a mixed bag so far – in the first game my Necrons got completely annihalated by Orks, who were clearly if not snipers at least expert marksmen as their shooting was incredible – I’ve never seen so many 5’s and 6’s to hit(!). The second game was a complete reversal, where I couldn’t help but feel bad as my opponent’s Zaphor, Champion of Chaos failed to kill a handful of Scarab bases, who eventually took him down, resulting in a Necron victory. Next week I’m up against Orks again, and am trying to paint my Scarab bases in honour of their performance!

Thanks for reading, take care everyone,



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