Tactica Tuesday: Revenant Titans, because sometimes you just need a little less titan

To be fair, I’m pretty sure that deep down every Epic player plays Epic for the titans. So, today I thought I’d touch on some of my favourite titans – the Eldar Revenants.

I’ve used Revenants in Epic for as long as I remember – I’m pretty sure when I first got into Epic after reuniting with a mate I’d lost touch with during university, we tried a few games and had graduated to using titans by about the fourth game. Granted, then his Warhounds were 40K-scale Deathwing Terminators and my Revenants were 40k Swooping Hawks, but they’ve always been a major part of the game to me.

IMGP0358Revenants themselves are the cheapest Eldar titans, coming in at only 650pts. This still puts their cost way ahead of their Imperial counterparts, but to be honest they’re worth every point. For starters, their movement is essentially the same as a Wave Serpent, making them very fast and maneuverable compared to most enemy units, let alone most other titans. This high movement speed of 35cm makes them perfect alongside a heavily-mechanised Eldar force, as they can keep up with the rest of the force and quickly redeploy as needed to combat different threats. They also come with jump packs, allowing them to essentially ignore terrain and traverse rivers, buildings and even battlelines with ease. As you’d expect, I’ve always found that this speed makes them great for hit-and-run attacks, using the Eldar special rules to declare a double; move up, take some shots, and then retreat again.

In terms of their offensive firepower, Revenants really don’t sacrifice anything. Each Revenant is armed with two pulse lasers, which apart from having the devastating 3+ macro stat is also a pulse weapon. Even when you double that’s only reduced to a 4+, so given that each titan has two you can comfortably fire away and still cause some significant damage. I always love the idea of sustaining with Revenants (that 2+ appeals to my inability to roll well!), but I have always found that the maneuverability of the Revenants is such a strength you really don’t want to sacrifice it just for that slight increase. Revenants work best when they’re on the move and the enemy can’t pin them down. Before I move off the subject of weapons, a Revenant also comes with two missile launchers, which handily have an AA, or anti-air stat. Granted it’s only 6+, but it’s a good deterrent against weaker aircraft and helps to make the Revenant a well-rounded force to be reckoned with.

In terms of armour, Revenants are about as well-protected as you’d expect an Eldar unit to be. Most importantly, they come with Holofields for a frankly amazing 3+ save, as well as reinforced armour and a damage capacity of three each. However, it may just be me but I really don’t like relying on this – it looks amazing on paper, but I’ve always found it’s better not to take the hits than to unnecessarily risk your titans and rely on the dice to save them. Of course, it is still an amazing save, and to be honest I’ve probably ended up relying on it more than I’d like(!).

So how do my Revenants work alongside my Eldar? I’ve already mentioned the hit-and-run aspect of the formation, and their rapid redeployment. I like to use them as linebreakers, softening up a formidable part of the enemy before assaulting with Aspect Warriors while the Revenants support. Alternatively, they work well finishing off broken enemy units, where their speed lets them get into a crossfire area – so even reinforced armour units struggle against them. With their 1+ activation they can easily strike out on their own to tackle heavily-armoured enemy units before safely retreating – something that the slower Cobras and Scorpions may struggle with.

Inevitably, Revenants will be targeted as one of the main priorities, and Imperial Guard in particular have an arsenal of long-range titan killer weapons that, if they get the chance to go on overwatch, can really shut down your Revenants. This can even work as a ‘poker bluff’ tactic, where the threat of overwatched Shadowswords can make you feel that you must activate them quickly while you still can, even if they otherwise wouldn’t be a priority activation this turn. Their holofields do help, but there’s only so many hits they can tank before it either starts to hurt or a critical hit puts down the shields, making them easy prey.

So, while inevitably – sooner or later – Revenants will bite a lot of firepower as your opponent comes to fear them, they’re certainly a strong contender in the Eldar list. At 3000pts you can take a formation and still have points left for Nightwings to protect the skies(!). The other titans have their strengths, but personally even at 4k, maybe 5k, I’d still go for the Revenants for the versatility and strenghts that work so well with the rest of the army.

I hope this has been an interesting insight into my own thoughts on the Revenants, and if you want to add any thoughts of your own please leave a comment below :)

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