[Specialist Games] The end of Specialist Games

Two posts in one day, but sadly this one isn’t on the greatest of topics. As many of you probably already know, Games Workshop are ceasing production of their Specialist Games range. Many of the models are already out of stock – I think I got one of the very last Eldar Storm Serpents during a panic buy on my lunch break at work yesterday.

I guess we all knew this was coming eventually, but it’s still a blow – I know I’m not alone in saying that some of GW’s Specialist Games were the best systems they ever made, and while there is of course a wealth of community out there this will make introducing new players that bit harder. It’s a shame on a personal note as well – there have always been so many models on my ‘to buy’ list that’ll probably never happen now, like the Inquisitor-scale Arbites Judge.

A sad day, but this certainly won’t stop our local Epic community – you can still expect updates from me on my Eldar and Thousand Sons, as well as the BFG fleets and battle reports. All I need to do now is work out the last few models I want to order without succumbing to the ‘Arghnfnsignl panic buy EVERYTHING!’ ;)



3 thoughts on “[Specialist Games] The end of Specialist Games

  1. I hadn’t heard that, thanks for posting it. It’s another blow for GW’s older community though. Still, I have everything I want for Necromunda, Mordheim and Blood Bowl so perhaps it won’t really affect me personally too much.

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