[40K] We are legion – Painting a Necron army

I think I mentioned the mammoth task of painting my Necron army a few posts ago, and have now started this. I’ve only finished the one warrior as a test, but I’m pretty happy with how the colour scheme looks.

Necron warriorUnfortunately my photography with an entirely metallic model clearly leaves something to be desired. I wanted a colour scheme themed around metallic blue, and so started with a boltgun metal drybrush before coating it with Guilliman blue to give it a blue shine. At the suggestion of a friend the shoulder pads were made to stand out more by being painted in mithril silver before being coated in P3 blue ink. Finally, the rod in the gun was painted in the P3 Cygnar blue highlight, and the eyes were picked out in Ice blue.

As far as colour schemes go I really like it – it stays true to the traditional metal of Necrons while being a bit different with the titanium blue colour. It’s also easy and quick to paint, which was one of the priorities when deciding what colours to paint them – as I’m sure many of you know, I’ve hit the stage when I really prefer painting single models (with Epic being the obvious exception). I just don’t have the time to paint a whole army, so having a quick colour scheme that looks good should mean I can actually get the Necrons painted. I’ve undercoated and based nearly all of my warriors, so am hoping to have the majority painted by next week. Some friends and I are playing a casual 40K campaign (more banter than battles), so I’ll be using my freshly painted Necrons and will try to do updates – or mention how it’s going, at least!

On a final note, I’ve picked up the Defiler C’tan shard model, mostly because I’ve loved it since it was released but just never gotten around to buying one. I’m currently thinking of midnight blue skin with contrast purple robes (are they really robes? Ribbons, then, I guess?), but am very open to suggestions as this will be one of the centrepieces of the army and I don’t want to mess it up!

Thanks for reading as always, it actually means a lot to see that people do read these posts :) Don’t forget, Tactica Tuesday continues next week, so I hope to see you then!

Take care,



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