Epic Thousand Sons Titans

I’ve been working on painting some more of the larger units for my Epic Thousand Sons – anything to stave off painting more 6mm gold trim(!) – and have finished the remaining titans to accompany the force. I’m afraid that I still haven’t got anything worked out for the lighting when taking these shots, so unfortunately my photos still aren’t that great. I’m thinking of making a rudimentary light box to see how that works out.

2013-04-15 08.33.51

My Forge World Reaver-class titan

2013-04-15 08.34.18

Close-up of the gold trim detail.

2013-04-15 08.35.39

My third Warhound-class scout titan

2013-04-15 08.36.16

Close-up of the detail on the canopy. I might redo the heiroglyph, but I’m happy with the icon of Tzeentch.

And finally, just a little one – I’ve converted a new sorcerer to lead my disc riders. Since I’ve been using the Epic UK a lot more recently, my old disc rider sorcerer has become a daemon prince, so I wanted something a lot smaller and more appropriate for a mere champion. He’s made out of an old epic chaos lord, and I think he fits in well.

2013-04-15 08.36.54Thanks for reading,



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