Reclaiming Prospero, one star system at a time

Following on from the flagship of my Thousand Sons fleet, next up we have two of the cruisers – my Styx class and the Carnage class. Both of these were fun to paint (there’s something about blue and gold that I enjoy), and the Styx in particular – given the comparative lack of guns, I focused on the detail around the launch bays to make them stand out as principal parts of the ship.

2013-04-09 08.31.19

Styx and Carnage class cruisers.

2013-04-09 08.31.37

Detail of the Carnage’s weapons batteries.

I’ve got another two cruisers to put up soon, and a second hand Blackstone Fortress that I’m working on reassembling and painting. That might not be for a while, but it’s coming. Also, sorry for the photo quality – it was taken in a rush before work one morning. I still need to work out a proper way of photographing my models, so if that’s in the near future I’ll re-shoot my ships so you can actually see them properly.

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