A return to form

First off, I must apologise for my lengthy absence. Things have been surreal for the past few months, with what I can safely call the highest and lowest points of my life so far. My family and I have had to deal with a tragedy of the worst kind, which thankfully I think we’re starting to come to terms with and deal with. On the upside, I have proposed to my girlfriend of 6 years, who has happily said yes!

What with all that, I honestly haven’t had much time for painting. However, in the past couple of weeks I’ve managed to finally get my ‘mojo’ back, and finished the start of my Thousand Sons Battlefleet Gothic fleet. This now means that I’ve got both of my armies – Eldar and Thousand Sons – in Epic scale, 40k scale and BFG scale(!).

2013-04-06 16.22.11

The ‘Angel of Prospero’, a Repulsive-class Grand Cruiser of the Thousand Sons chapter.

2013-04-06 16.21.47

The prow of the ‘Angel of Prospero’

The ‘Angel of Prospero’, a Repulsive-class grand cruiser. Heavily armoured and armed, the cruiser acts as the flagship of my fleet. Grand Sorcerer Djedefra and his personal retinue ride aboard the ship, which is itself blessed with wards of Tzeentch. These sorcerous powers turn away weapons that should penetrate the ship, while the precognitive powers of the cabal of sorcerers aboard ensure that the Angel is always in the right place at the right time.

On the painting, I wanted it to stay coherent with the iconic blue and gold of all my Thousand Sons while having its own unique appeal to stand out from the more ‘mundane’ ships in the fleet. I worked up from various greys to an almost pure white on the prow, since I’ve used white a lot before as a contrast colour in my Thousand Sons and have found it to work well. The rest of the ship is painted in Cygnar Blue (of course), with Dwarf Bronze trimming and boltgun metal weapons. I magnatized all three stems to offer additional support, since (I guess unsurprisingly) it’s quite a hefty model.

The other ships of the fleet will follow in the next post – and some more of my Eldar fleet won’t be far behind!

Thanks for reading, and for sticking with this through the silence,

Ben x


2 thoughts on “A return to form

    • Thank you :) I know, I didn’t realise how hefty it was until I got it! I’ve still got an Eldar Void Stalker that’s even larger, so I haven’t had the time to attempt that one yet lol.

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