[WH Fantasy] Defening the borders

My friend Gus from Epic Addiction is running a Fantasy campaign at our local club, using the Mighty Empires set to map out territories and conquests. We were all choosing our capital city when I thought, ‘Yeah, these little castles and villages are cool and all, but you know what they need? More trees.’

So, like any self-respecting Wood Elf player I’m not using the little castles and villages included with the Mighty Empires set, and have instead made myself a little Athel Loren marker!

Athel LorenFor anyone who’s interested; the base was crafted from a cut-down Warhammer fantasy base with modroc to build it up, while the tree trunks are brass wire and the foliage flock. The peg underneath was made from an old Goblin spear, slightly modified to fit in the hole in the tile.

So, hopefully with something in their hearts to defend my Wood Elves will do me proud this campaign. Their first game was tonight against Ogre Kingdoms, which ended in a solid victory for the Asrai after some cunning leadership, crucial pivoting and (egotism mode off) more than a little luck when Dwellers killed five Ironguts and a Lord(!). Next week I’ll be taking the guardians of the glade up against the shambling hordes of the undead, and will keep you up-to-date of how it’s going.



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