[BFG] On celestial wings

Sensors pinged and alarms wailed into action as red lights strobed across the bridge. Officers ran in all directions, shouting orders at subordinates or screaming into personal voxes. Above it all, the voice of the shipmaster cut through the cacophany.

‘First Lieutenant, report.’

The man saluted smartly. ‘Unidentified vessels sir, presmumed hostile. They… appeared on our sensors without warning, and we’ve been unable to get a clear look at them.’

The shipmaster made a noise that resembled a snort of derision. ‘Lieutenant, this ship is outfitted by the tech-priests of Mars themselves to do His bidding. I refuse to accept that some ragtag xenos raiding party can evade our systems. Bring me an image!’

The lieutenant saluted in response, hurrying over to the nearest control station. The officers there were already fiddling with the controls in an attempt to lock on to the nearest enemy ship, and despite the monotonous chanting of the choir of tech-priests gathered on the bridge the machines refused to offer a clear image. Static bursts interrupted the screen, and the odd moments that it did clear only revealed an indistinct blur. The lieutenant shook his head in frustration.

‘Can’t you do something about this?’

‘We’re trying, sir’ replied the senior officer, all the while adjusting the machine interspaced with subtle kicks to the underside. The screen suddenly flared into life, displaying a sleek, swept cruiser with veined sails and glowing stones. The lieutenant swore under his breath.

‘Eldar. Ready the portside batteries, lock and fire on my command.’ But before his orders could be obeyed, the display flickered and changed again, now displaying three ships where there had been one. The systems glitched, trying to realign the targeters to lock on to all three cruisers.

‘It’s not locking, sir!’ the ensign exclaimed. ‘We can’t get a tar-‘ He was cut off as explosions rocked the ship, fire exploding around the room.

* * *

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post – my family and I have had a tragedy of the worst kind which we’re all still reeling from and trying to deal with. I’ll try and do regular posts as much as I can in the circumstances, as I’ve got a load of drafts backed up to use.

The second set of ships for my Eldar fleet, this time delving into Forge World ships.

2012-12-23 15.30.46

2012-12-23 15.50.13

The Aurora class cruisers from Forge World. Apart from being gorgeous models that have more detail than the regular ones, I like them for how light they are and how much more easily they balance on the flying stand.

2012-12-23 15.46.32

The Nightshade escort squadron.

More to come soon,



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