[BFG] Sailing the stars

First off, I have to apologise (again) for the lack of an update. I’m getting deja vu with how my last blog fell apart when I didn’t update, but things have been so hectic at work that I literally haven’t had the time to paint – it’s been a case of getting home, collapsing, eating, sleeping and repeat! However, the main rush is over now, so fingers crossed that things will be back to normal. In the meantime, I’ve painted some whole BFG squadrons! How crazy is that! ;)

So, first up we have the Hellebore frigates. I love these things – they’re pricey at 75pts each, but that buys you a lance, 2 torpedoes and 1 firepower weapons battery. They’re fairly well-rounded, being able to loose a volley of torpedoes, flee and either reload or harrass ships with their other armaments.

Hellebore frigate Hellebore frigate squadron

Second up is my Wraithship. While not ‘officially’ part of the fleet, the model is fun to paint and stands out from the rest. I’m probably going to use it as a Shadow or Eclipse cruiser – saves me having to buy any more and balance those chunks of metal on a flying stand!

Eldar Wraithship

More to follow shortly. Thanks for reading, and a merry Christmas to you all! :)



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