The weekly news

In lieu of my having anything to really show you, it’s time for the weekly roundup of wargaming news in my world!

First off, I’m hosting another Malifaux demo day in Lancaster this coming Saturday. You should totally come! Seriously, it’ll be great fun, so if you want to try Malifaux or know someone who does please feel free to come along. It’s free to attend, I’ll have everything you need and there might even be snacks again! You can see all the details here and here, and please feel free to get in touch if you’ve got any questions.

On the painting front, I’m still working on my Battlefleet Gothic Eldar fleet. They’re coming along nicely, with all of the assembled ships now magnetized to flying stands and 90% of them basecoated. I’m unfortunately waiting for a new wash to arrive in the post which has somewhat stalled the painting, but it’ll resume as soon as the wash is delivered. I’m hoping to have them fully painted soon so as to have a battle against Gus of Epic Addiction and Andy of Miniature Miscellany using fully painted fleets on a good-looking board (if you’ve seen the terrain on Miniature Miscellany you’ll know what I’m talking about!).

Gaming-wise, I had a great game of Necromunda on Friday on a friend’s AH-MAZ-ING board. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures because 1) my phone was almost dead and 2) I was ashamed of my unpainted models on such a great-looking board! I’m hoping to paint the gang before the next game. I’m running a Genestealer cult using the unofficial rules published in Citadel Journal ages ago, which seems to be working well and is a fun alternative to a house gang. I’m still slightly undecided on how to paint the ‘stealer itself, though, so any ideas are welcome!

I’ve also picked up the avatar model for my secondary crew, Sonnia Criid. It’s a gorgeous model, but what with work being so busy right now it might be a while before I find time to assemble it as I want to dedicate some time to doing it justice.

Finally, still playing a lot of Team Fortress 2 on Steam, so if you’re around look me up! Rather unsurprisingly, my name’s Forgotmytea on there too.

Thanks for reading, I promise pictures next time!



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