[BFG] Flying the colours

It’s taken well over a year, but (I think) I’ve finally decided on a colour scheme for my Eldar fleet in Battlefleet Gothic. I’ve collected Eldar in pretty much every system made, and always painted them in my own colours of Cairas Mythar, a craftworld mentioned once or twice by Games Workshop but never explored. All the background I wrote is on my old blog if you’re that interested(!). Anyway, the point is that while the colours of bone and purple worked well in both Epic and 40k, I’ve never really been happy with how they looked on my BFG ships. Thanks to Gus of Epic Addiction, though, I’ve tried out a new approach to the ships which I think actually turned out well. So, here’s the test ship:

I’m still not decided on which photo style I prefer…

The ship was undercoated in Army Painter black spray, then given a liberal basecoat of P3 hammerfall khaki while leaving the black undercoat in the deepest recesses. A wash of ogryn flesh was applied, before the whole model was drybrushed with GW Dheneb Stone. (At this point, I am still considering a black wash over the top to tone it down, but I’m quite happy with how the flesh wash looks in the cracks – given the ‘living’ nature of wraithbone – and think it might overpower it. Any opinions are appreciated!) The sails were picked out in GW liche purple, with the guns in Army Painter matt black and the gemstones in my favourite P3 Cygnar blue base with Cygnar blue highlight touches. I’m happy with the overall effect, so pending stripping all my other ships and deciding on whether this black wash is a good idea or not I’m pretty set to paint the fleet. Of course, I can’t promise how long it will take – I’ve got three undercoated Witchling Stalkers staring at me as I type, and would like to have them painted to join Sonnia sooner rather than later!

I’m also working on making laminated stat cards for all of the different ship classes. Since Warmachine, and moreso since Malifaux, I’ve grown used to and loved having stat cards to hand – saves a lot of flipping pages and you can scribble any notes on the laminated surface. I’m trying to keep the simple GW design while fitting it onto a 15cm by 11cm card, so will let you know how that goes. It’s good to keep my hand in photoshop!

Also, I need a new picture for my header banner. If you’ve got any preferences – a model medley, landscape shot, whatever – let me know. After all, you’re the ones who read this (and hopefully keep coming back!).

Thanks for reading, hope you all have a good weekend!



2 thoughts on “[BFG] Flying the colours

  1. If you thin down the black wash alot then it would be less likely to overpower it – think 1 part GW wash to 3 or 4 parts water/lahmian medium. If you use the medium you are more likely to get a regular even coat while the water can sometimes clump and dry unevenly especially across big flat areas.
    I think the bone looks better as the main colour on the ships and they will stand out a bit better on a black gaming table too. Really looking forward to a big game now….

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