[Malifaux] The scourge of Redchapel

It’s about time I put up shots of Seamus’s complete gang (well, so far – there’s always more models I want to add to the crew!). So, here we go…

The complete crew! There’s a bit of a unifying theme of contrast going on throughout – I wanted to go for the stereotypical colourful dresses worn by ‘ladies of the night’, so a lot of the models in the crew are very different in colour. I went for the same skin tones, style of dirty-ing and washing the clothes and matching bases to create a unifying sense of one throughout the crew, which I think works well and allows me to keep painting models in different colours. The colour blue is actually used as a signifier of rank in a weird way, as only the ‘leading’ models of Seamus himself and Molly wear blue. And the Copycat Killer, but then he just copies Seamus :)

Seamus, the Mad Hatter himself. I’ve actually got three models of him, with the third in my display case, and I’m thinking of buying a fourth to paint up on a display base. To be honest no matter what Wyrd do Seamus will always be my favourite, and the one I consider to be ‘my’ master. The model was actually what got me into Malifaux, when I stumbled across it on eBay and thought ‘that’ll be fun to paint’.

The lieutenants of the crew, Molly Squidpiddge and the Copycat Killer. I painted Molly in a very Alice-in-Wonderland-esque dress in blue and white while keeping her skin the same tone as the other undead. Philip was painted in a raw, bloody red to make him stand out from Molly, and I must confess he was probably inspired by the Red Skull from Captain America, which I was watching and reading a lot when I was painting the model. The Copycat Killer is painted in the same colour scheme as Seamus, of course! I left his eyes a blind milky white as I can’t paint pupils without making the model look cartoony, and I quite like the idea of the totem not quite looking ‘right’. It’s not human after all!

The staples of my Seamus crew, the Rotten Belles and Dead Doxies led by their disturbing matriarch, Madame Sybelle. Raised into undeath after Seamus walked into the brothel and murdered everyone inside, these undead ladies are some of my favourite models to use in-game and an automatic include in any crew list. They’re very versatile models who can take a fair amount of punishment due to their Hard to Wound 1, while their spell Lure is excellent at messing with an opponent’s plans by dragging his models around. I’ve also cast it on Seamus more than once to ‘encourage’ him to move forward faster!

Some of the more esoteric models in the crew. The Hanged were great to paint after all the dead ladies, as they are a much more neutral colour scheme – if anything, I wanted the rope to stand out the most and so did the clothes in very earthy colours.Their plethora of Terrifying abilities mean that they work very well with Seamus, especially once he goes into Avatar form and can not only buff up his Terrifying ability but also gains Wicked. With that many Terrifying models on the table and the Hanged buffed up by Seamus’ Mark of Dread, it works really well to deflect some of the attacks coming their way.

The Nurses were ones I really picked up for the models rather than gameplay, and painting the green scrubs was great. I don’t use them much, but I am starting a McMourning crew, so they’ll hopefully see a lot more action then!

I blogged about here a couple of days ago, but here she is again for the sake of completeness!

And finally, the Mr Hyde side of Seamus. The avatar is an amazing model, and one I literally spent months on to try and do it justice. I’m pretty happy with how he eventually turned out, and am really looking forward to painting my next avatar, which will be Sonnia Criid’s. I think that he deserves a whole post regarding his abilities, so will hold fire for now until I can dedicate time to him.

Thanks for reading :)



One thought on “[Malifaux] The scourge of Redchapel

  1. Cool stuff, these the guys your gonna unleash on me when we nxt get a game? Looking forward to seeing sonnias avatar looks so cool looks like it’ll be alot of fun to paint. Awsome sauce :)

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