Behind enemy lines – Blood Ravens Scouts




To be honest, I only picked up these two squads for the zombie mayhem at halloween I posted a while ago, but I’ve finally reached the stage in my wargaming career where I’m actually fairly happy – well, at least not ashamed of – my painting, and really don’t like taking unpainted models to the tabletop, so I had to paint them up before I used them. I don’t actually collect Space Marines, so I was free of restrictions in having to match any existing colour schemes.

My first thought was to do them in an Inquisitorial-esque matt black, but I’ve never been good at or keen at highlighting black, and thought that it could be a bit dull. I did consider painting them in the same Stormtrooper white as my Enforcers so the snipers could double in Necromunda if needed, but I’d prefer to have a dedicated model and the new plastic scouts seemed too big and superhuman to fit in with my riot cops. Eventually I settled on painting them as Blood Ravens – the colour scheme lends itself nicely to being muted as I wanted to avoid the usual bright approach of Space Marines, and the rumoured ties to the Thousand Sons as their possible parent legion appeals to me.

I tried to tone down the colours towards camoflauge as much as possible while retaining the iconic Blood Ravens colours, and tried out some weathering on the edges of the armour to give the impression that they had been deployed for some time. The night vision goggles and lights were deliberately painted in bright green a la Splinter Cell to stand out as the focal points of the models.

I haven’t painted the iconography on the shoulder pads. I’d like to say that this is to keep in theme with the muted camo-style colours, and that insignia would not work well for an infiltration unit specialising in working behind enemy lines, but it’s actually that I don’t feel confident freehanding onto curved shoulder pads. Maybe one day!



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