The long arm of the Law

I’ve recently got back into Necromunda after a three (or is it four?) year break, so the Enforcers have been dusted off and went toe-to-toe with Gus of Epic Addiction‘s Redemptionists. The games have been great fun, with both of us achieving some great rolls on the experience and skills chart – one of his gang is now a combat beast with the eviscerator he carries, while my Heavy has got tougher and more accurate, and my Handler has proven himself to be a continual badass in the face of all odds! He’s now officially named Officer McClane. Yippee-ki-yay, heretics…

I’m hoping to do some work touching up the paintjob and generally bringing it more in-line with my current painting abilities, but you can see the squad as they currently stand here. I was going for a Stormtrooper look a la Star Wars, so really just want to improve the quality of painting rather than re-doing them all.

Necromunda EnforcersJust because my gang never grows in a campaign doesn’t mean I can’t plan some new models for it, though. So on the painting list for the Enforcers, I have the next rank up from Enforcer, the Arbitrator, as well as my old Judge model and, finally, a 28mm Judge Dredd model. Because he is The Law.

Other than painting Judge Dredd and the other senior officers, I’m looking at making a sniper to join the squad – I know you can’t take sniper rifles in the rules, but it seems to me every police S.W.A.T team needs a sniper or two, and the Enforcer list does say that additional weapons and equipment should be provided for the team at the GM’s discretion :) I’ve also been painting up my ‘squad car’ for the team in the form of a Forge World Repressor, which I’ll put up a shot of as soon as it’s finished.



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