[Malifaux] Painting my Bete Noir

I’ve finally knuckled down and finished painting a model that’s taken me nearly as long as Avatar Seamus to paint; the Bete Noir. I bought the model pretty much immediately upon release, and then came a bit stuck trying to work out how to paint Bete herself. My original idea was to try something different and paint her in very dark colours, almost as a shadow bursting out of the poor victim. However, I tried this in quite a number of ways before realising that it wasn’t going to work – I’m sure a better painter than me may manage it, but she just looked too dark and inconspicuous. Given that the model is actually two people on one base, it was imperative to ensure that Bete was the main focus, and you didn’t look at it and think ‘huh, dying cowboy ohwaittheressomethingcomingoutofhim’.

The model finally came together since I bought Left 4 Dead, since the witches in-game inspired me to go for the polar opposite of my original idea and instead paint her in a lighter colour scheme. I mixed elf flesh with skull white to highlight the flesh, and used skull white with black washes for the hair. The unfortunate host, of course, was done in muted browns, greys and a bit of blue. I’m thinking of adding a few blood splatters to the dress before I varnish her, but I quite like that (despite the gore trail) it’s disturbingly clean. The eyes just had to be black orbs!

I haven’t had a chance to use Bete on the table much due to my obsession with only using painted models in Malifaux, but the odd try-out I did give her was fun. For those of you who either don’t play (and I commend you for reading this far in that case!) or who haven’t seen her in action yet, she isn’t deployed like the other models but instead is placed on the table when a living or undead model dies as she’s drawn to the life-force as it is extinguished. She’s a combat monster but very fragile – especially given her soulstone cost – so I’ve found that when and where you summon her is very important. The first time I used her I summoned her at the first opportunity, and she unsurprisingly got blown away before she could even activate!

She also has a wonderfully nifty trick, whereby she can keep coming back – her Slow to Die rule means she can cast One With The Night as she dies, where she is instead healed to full wounds and placed off the table, ready to be summoned again the next time someone dies. I’m looking forward to using her in a game at some point, as she should work well with Seamus.

Comments, as usual, are appreciated, especially if you have an opinion regarding the blood splatters or not! :)



4 thoughts on “[Malifaux] Painting my Bete Noir

  1. I like the clean painting, very nice. The black eyes really add to the creepiness. I’ll add that Bete is very tricky to play against due to ‘one with the night’, not to mention that she’s a raging machine in combat. Still, you have to be careful playing against Sonnia Criid as it’s all too easy to find that ‘one with the night’ is stopped with ‘advanced counter-spell’.

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