Left 4(0k) Dead

Ok, so my title puns need some more work…

As I mentioned in my previous post, around 9 of us got together on Wednesday for some zombie mayhem. Starting with the defenders in a circle in the middle, it didn’t take long for the zombies to reach the barricades. Highlights involved both Gus and Ben’s abilities to roll ridiculously well when controlling the zombies, Andy and Mike’s Chaos Space Marine champions rolling multiple times on the daemonhood table and my scouts actually having some models left alive at the end of the game(!).

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All in all it was great fun, and something I’d recommend if you’ve got 400+ zombies to hand and are looking to try something different to the regular 40K game. I’ll put up some photos of my Scout squads at some point – I painted them in the livery of the Blood Ravens, albeit a very muted colour, and am actually pretty pleased with how they turned out.

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