Fighting the outbreak

The local club I go to meets on a Wednesday, and as it’s the 31st this coming Wednesday myself and a couple of others have arranged a theme event. It’s Halloween, so what’s that always a good excuse for? Well, if Steam’s sale and free trial of Left 4 Dead 2 wasn’t enough of a hint (yes, I’ve bought it now, so leave a comment if you’re on Steam and want a game!), it’s got to be everyone’s favourite shambling, undead icons – zombies!

We’ve written a little scenario to get as many people as possible to get involved, the gist of which I’ll outline below:

Encircled and cut off, a small group of diverse survivors prepares to hold out against the hordes as long as they can! Each player is allowed up to 200pts to spend on units, with the exceptions of no HQ’s, no special characters, no vehicles / jump infantry / cavalry / beasts / bikes / jetbikes / monstrous creates / flying models / any particular units myself and the other organisers deem over-the-top – Burna Boys and Bladestorm-pumped Dire Avengers come to mind! Players score points for each turn they survive and every 10 zombies they kill, but it’s really a bit of fun to have a laugh and play out our own zombie apocalypse. We’ve got around 400 zombies between us, so that should be a fair mass to have coming towards the barricades in the centre of the table! Players will also direct the zombies as well as controlling their own squad(s), so they can funnel zombies to other players to even things out. And, of course, night fighting rules are in play for the whole game.

For myself, I’ve taken the thematic route of ignoring what would be a good anti-horde unit and instead going for what I see as the iconic weapons used to fight zombies – and as there are no baseball-bat armed units in 40k, that leaves shotguns and sniper rifles! I’ve picked up a couple of Space Marine scout squads, arming one with shotguns and a heavy bolter and the other with sniper rifles. I might try and blag a combi-flamer on one sergeant even though he’s clearly armed with a shotgun. Maybe the boltgun part of the combi-weapon is his pistol, and the shotgun represents the flamer part due to its hellfire ammunition? Uh-huh…..

Either way, they should be fun. The basic plan is to have the shotgun squad (Squad Alpha, I’m a sucker for background and code names) up at the barricades, thinning the zombies with the heavy bolter’s hellfire shells before blowing away any survivors with a fusilade of shotgun fire – because we all know zombies are weak to shotguns, right? The snipers (Squad Beta) will camp on any semblance of high ground to try and pick off models here and there, and make things easier for squad alpha. That’s the plan, and if not – like any good commander – I’ve got a backup plan: have a cup of tea and wait for this whole thing to blow over.

Shaun of the Dead

I’ll be snapping endless pictures on my phone and making vague (probably mental rather than the sensible written) notes throughout the game, so you can expect a decent overview of how it all went soon.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment! (but still no spam please)



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